Sunday, July 27, 2014

I Scream for Ice Cream

July is National Ice Cream Month, so you know what that means? You guessed it! Ice cream poetry :) This will get your taste buds excited for the cool refreshment that only comes from good ol' ice cream.

Below I have featured two different types of poetry. The first being a Nonet, which is a nine line poem. The first line contains 9 syllables, the second 8 syllables, and so on, down to the final line of one syllable. The second type is a Trinet. This poem follows a pattern of 2 words, 2 words, 6 words, 6 words, 2 words, 2 words, 2 words. You repeat this pattern three times.

Anyhow, enough bantering about poetry styles. Leave me a comment of your favorite frozen flavor and then yes, go get some ice cream!

Thirty-One Flavors: (Nonet)

Thirty-one flavors all so tempting,
Mom says I can only pick one.
Toughest choice I’ve made all day.
Chocolate chip cookie dough,
Maybe bubble gum.
Too much pressure.
What to put
In my

Ice Cream: (Trinet)

Corner parlor
Old fashioned
Refreshing ambiance draws crowds every summer
Customers seeking heat relief relax inside
Bar stools
Juke box
Candy jars

Sweet aroma
Cool delights
Flavors galore met with fascinated eye
Homemade milkshakes with long pink straws
Vanilla twist
Coke floats
Waffle cones

Ripe cherries
Banana splits
Frozen goodness churned fresh and rich
Each scoop made creamy and savory
Ice cream
Brightens faces
Brings smiles

Don't forget to comment with your favorite kind of ice cream! Registered & Protected 
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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ode to Summer

Summer... A time for swimming, lemonade, and sitting in the AC. As for me I have been lax about posting poetry this summer. Please forgive me. I will be posting more often from now on :)
Below I have posted two Whitney poems, which is a 7 line poem with a syllable count of 3/4/3/4/3/4/7. Here is my ode to summer!

My Summer Castle:

on sandy shores.
Shovels and
plastic buckets.
Patting and
tower molding.
We elect a crab as king.

Tide begins
to roll in fast.
Salty waves
breech castle walls.
Sand crumples
under seas weight.
King crab watches his reign fall. Registered & Protected 
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